Senko BMC-2000 CO Breath Monitor


Senko BMC-2000  CO Breath Monitor can be used in smoking cessation programs by healthcare professionals and also used as a non-invasive method to get % Carboxyhemoglobin in the patient’s blood and to screen CO-poisoned patients by a medical man. The small size and lightweight make the BMC-2000 ideal for handheld use. This Senko BMC-2000 breath monitor is a direct and simple instrument to measure Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) in the blood.

Applications:  To monitor smoke cessation.


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Country : United States

Product Description

Senko BMC-2000 CO Breath Monitor can be utilized in smoking end programs by health care services experts. Furthermore, it likewise can be utilized as a non-invasive strategy to get %COHb in the patient’s blood and to screen CO harmed patients by a medical man. BMC-2000 depends on an electrochemical gas sensor, which works through the response of CO with an electrolyte at the electrode. This response produces an electrical flow corresponding to CO fixation.

Features Of Senko BMC-2000 CO Breath Monitor:

  • Easy to discriminate smoker.
  • Easy to recognize the degree of CO poisoning.
  • The Concentration of CO in a breath and the percentage of COHb in the blood are displayed Simultaneously.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Sensor Type
Measuring Type
Target Gases
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Operating Pressure
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
Operation mode display Visual: Graphic LCD Display, LED Indicator Audible: buzzer
Measuring value display Graphic LCD Display
Reset signal Auto Power OFF
Program set mode Language(Korean, English), Age, Sound, Calibration
Mouthpiece adapter D type bacteria filter
Disposable mouthpiece Diameter 22mm
LCD size 50 X 30 mm
Sensitivity Drift
Sensor lifetime
Hydrogen cross sensitivity 2 to 10%
Battery Life


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