JUMO 202613 Optical Sensor for Dissolved Oxygen

Product Id : 3103

JUMO eco Line O-DO optical sensor for dissolved oxygen for measuring dissolved oxygen in fluid arrangements and serves in as an expansion to existing JUMO frameworks by giving the DO content. The optical membrane cap is easy to replace, meaning the sensor is very easy to maintain. The current calibration data is saved directly in the sensor electronics.

Applications: Municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants, Drinking water monitoring, Water protection, Fish farming companies, Process plants



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Country : United States

Product Description

JUMO Optical Sensor for Dissolved Oxygen can store the alignment information, making it perfect for dynamic estimating situations, for example, sewage treatment, drinking water control, angle ranches, and comparable. It works over a measuring range from 0 to 20 mg/l and temperatures up to 60 °C. It depends on the visual estimation system (radiance technique). The device is solid, made out of hardened steel, is vigorous, with no requirement for support.

Features of UMO ecoLine O-DO – Optical Sensor :

  • Suitable for indicating device/controller according to T202569
  • Greater calibration intervals due to lower drift behavior
  • High measuring accuracy even for low concentrations
  • Short response time
  • No minimum inflow (no oxygen consumption)

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Manufacturer JUMO
Model No Type 202613
Dissolved oxygen 0 to 20.0 mg/L
Accuracy_1 ±0.1 mg/l
Resolution_1 0.01
Current consumption Standby: 25 μA RS485 on average: 4.4 mA (at 1 measurement/s) Current pulse (starting current peak): 100 mA
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature -10 to 50˚C
Response Time t90 < 60 s
Measurands Dissolved oxygen Temperature
Material Of Construction Sensor shaft and membrane cap: stainless steel 316L Cable bushing: polyamide Membrane: silicone
Measuring principle Optical measurement according to the principle of luminescence quenching
Max. sampling rate for measured values 1 Hz
Voltage DC 5 to 12 V
Signal Interfernce RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol
Luminophore operating life (DO Disk) Approx. 2 years depending on the sampling rate of the display unit
Temperature compensation Via integrated NTC, in the range from 0 to +40 °C
Air pressure compensation 500 to 1100 hPa (entered on display unit/controller)
Salinity compensation 0 to 60 g/kg (entered on display unit/controller)
Cable Length Max. 30 m
Weight 827(Sensor including 10m Cable); 1984 (Sensor including 10m cable)

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