Honeywell OxiQuant S Portable Oxygen Analyser (0 to 100% Vol)

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Honeywell OxiQuant S Portable Oxygen Analyser is a compact and lightweight device designed for measuring the concentration of oxygen (O2) in gas mixtures. It is an advanced instrument that offers accurate and reliable oxygen measurement in various industrial and environmental Conditions
Applications: Pharmaceutical and food packaging, storage, and purge gas monitoring.


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Country : United States

Product Description

Honeywell OxiQuant S Portable Oxygen Analyser is mainly used to determine oxygen concentrations(0-100% o2) in gas mixtures, delivered by oxygen concentrators, blenders, etc. This industrial oxygen sensor OxiQuant S is compact in size, lightweight, and easy to handle, and calibrating makes the device particularly suitable for mobile applications.
Features of OxiQuant Portable O2 Analyser:

  • This Portable  Oxygen Analyser has Flexible manual calibration
  • Auto-off (after 3 minutes)
  • Response time: <13 seconds to 90% of the value
  • Sensor (with integrated battery) can be replaced

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Envitech
Model OxiQuant S
Measuring Range Oxygen: 0 - 100% O2
Display resolution 0.1% oxygen
Precision < 1% volume O2, when calibrated at 100% vol.O2
Offset < 1% volume O2 in 100% N2
Response time < 13 seconds to 90% of final value
Linearity error < 3% relative
Drift < 1% volume O2 over 8 hours
Effect of humidity < 1% O2 between 0 and 100% RH at 25°C
Effect of pressure Proportional to the change in oxygen partial pressure
Operational pressure range 750 - 1250 hPa
Sensitivity to impact < 1% relative after falling from a height of 1m
Operating temperature 0°C – 50°C
Temperature compensation Integrated NTC compensation
Operating humidity 0 – 99% RH
Storage temperature -20°C – 50°C
Sensor life >500,000 % oxygen hours
Battery service life approximately 1100 operating hours (battery integrated in sensor)
Dimensions 92 mm (L) x 57 mm (D)
Weight Approximately 90g
Warranty Analyzer 24 months, sensor 15 months

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