Ace AI-DWC Dry and Wet Bulb Controller

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Ace AI-DWC Dry and Wet Bulb Controller is the controller in which Wet-bulb temperature is the lowest temperature to which air can be cooled by the evaporation of water into the air at constant pressure and the dry bulb temperature is the ambient temperature.
Applications:  Tobacco Industries, Tea Processing, Coffee Processing, Leather Industry, Fruit Ripening, withering plants, Paper Pulp, wood dry, etc

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Country : United States

Product Description

Ace AI-DWC Dry and Wet Bulb Controller have the display of 2 X 4 Digit RED LED Display. The Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb temperatures are important to determine the state of humid air, where the dry-bulb temperature is an indicator of heat content and the Wet Bulb temperature is an indicator of adiabatic saturation. Wet Bulb temperature is measured by using a thermometer with the bulb wrapped in wet muslin/cotton. These Ace AI-DWC Dry and Wet Bulb Controller are used in the testing process of Mushroom cultivation, tobacco, etc.
Features of Dry and Wet Bulb Controller:

  • Dual Sensor to determine Dry and Wet bulb
  • Class A Accuracy of ± 0.2 Deg. C for the RTD used
  • Simplex type with transition Teflon cable – Resistance up to 250 Deg C
  • Control Option upon Setpoint Violation (Fan, Motor, Pump)
  • User Settable option for High & Low Set-points from Front Keys (Temp1 & Temp2)
  • Most suitable in Processing/Withering Areas of Tobacco, Tea, Mushroom, Food, etc.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Manufacturer Ace Instruments
Model AI-DWC
Temperature Range Wet Bulb : 0.0 - 60.0 °C Dry Bulb : 0.0 - 60.0 °C
Display 2 X 4 Digit RED LED Display
Power Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase to Indicator, Sensors Supply Built In
Output 2 Relay Output (2 Sets of NO/CO/NC)
Enclosure ABS Plastic Enclosure
Sensors 1 RTD Sensor for Dry bulb, 1 RTD Sensor for Wet bulb
Alarm Type External buzzer for Low Limit & High Limit Exceed Alarm for Temperature limit violation alert
Alarm Limit Freely programmable from front keypad
Supply Scope 1 Unit of Multichannel Temperture Controller, 2 Nos of Temp Sensors, Instruction Manual
Dimensions 96 x 96 x 110 mm

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