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100 in stock ABB TTH200 Temperature TransmitterABB TTH200 Temperature Transmitter

ABB TTH200 Temperature Transmitter type is designed for standard type B sensor heads. The advantage is increased from measuring accuracy resulting from the conversion of the sensor signal into a stable output signal close to the sensor.

Applications: Temperature measurement in air, soil, or water, measurement of delicate surfaces (e.g., leaves, fruits), Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Research and Development, Industrial Safety, Hazardous Areas and pharmaceutical

300 in stock Ebro EBI-20T1 Temperature Data LoggerEbro EBI-20T1 Temperature Data Logger

Ebro EBI-20T1 Temperature Data Logger


Ebro EBI-20T1 Temperature Data Logger is extensively used for monitoring and continuous documentation of temperature with a memory capacity of 40,000 points. The temperature data logger saves this temperature and time values that can be evaluated on the PC later.

Applications: Monitoring of transport refrigerated vehicles, Containers, Refrigerators, Warehouses, Server rooms, Productions rooms, Pharmaceutical clean rooms, Validations, Cold chains, Deep freezer, Insulator shipping container, Refrigerator truck, Refrigerated Container, Intermodal container, etc.

284 in stock EBRO EBI20TH Temperature Humidity Data LoggerEBRO EBI20TH Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Ebro EBI20TH Temperature Humidity Data Logger


Ebro EBI20TH Temperature Humidity Data Logger measures and records of temperature & humidity with 40,000 records memory. Temperature Humidity Data Logger is a battery-operated data logger with an integrated display & built-in NTC temperature sensor.

Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical, Refrigerators, Shipping Vans, Freezers, Shipping Crates, Cargo Vessels, Warehouses, Storage Areas, etc.