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100 in stock Ace AI-CRM3A-1 Clean Room ScannerAce AI-CRM3A-1 Clean Room Scanner

Clean Room Scanner Model AI-CRM3A1 has a 3 Line Display System for Clean Rooms suited to accept analog inputs from temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air velocity, gas transmitters from leading manufacturers like Siemens, Honeywell, Carrier Race, Rotronic etc.

Applications:Clean Room, Laminar Air Flow cabinet, HVAC, AHUs etc.

745 in stock Danfoss MBS 3050 Pressure TransmitterDanfoss MBS 3050 Pressure Transmitter,pressure transmitter,Pressure sensor

Danfoss MBS 3050 Pressure Transmitter is designed for use in hydraulic applications with severe medium influences like cavitation, liquid hammer, or pressure peaks and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions. The flexible pressure transmitter program covers a 4-20 mA output signal, absolute and gauge (relative) versions, measuring ranges from 0-1 to 0-600 bar, and a wide range of pressure- and electrical connections. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;”>Excellent vibration stability, robust construction, and a high degree of EMC/EMI protection equip the pressure transmitter to meet the most stringent industrial requirements.

Applications: It is used in hydraulic applications with severe medium influences like cavitation, industrial, machinery, shipbuilding Etc.

1 in stock elitech-2elitech-1

Elitech RC-4HC Temperature And Humidity Data Logger is mainly used for temperature and humidity recording during storage and transportation with three-way mounting mechanisms i.e you can use magnet, screws or adhesives. Alternatively, you may opt for an optional mounting bracket.

Applications: Ocean/Air/Highway Transportation of Foodstuff, Medicine, Chemicals and other products.

100 in stock EuroLab SL 4001 Sound Level MeterEuroLab SL 4001 Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter or DB meter are utilized to measure the noise level of the area. We Provide Best Quality Sound Level meter or dB Meter, best case scenario Price. LCD show for low power utilization and get the read-out even in bright ambient light

100 in stock Fluke 2AC Voltage DetectorFluke 2AC Voltage Detector

Fluke 2AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester is a Non-contact voltage tester which is designed to measure voltage in circuits and defective grounds. It uses a special low power circuitry to sustain battery life and ensure your 2AC is always ready.

Applications: To check AC voltages in sockets, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, detect breaks in wires and cables.

50 in stock Fluke 302+ Digital Clamp MeterFluke 302+ Digital Clamp Meter

Fluke 302+ Digital Clamp Meter is used to measure the current up to 400 Amps and has a large opening jaw size of 30mm. This Fluke clamp meter is compact, making the use of a clamp-type ammeter more flexible and simpler.

Applications: Laboratories, Industries, and Educational Institutions.

50 in stock Fluke 303 Digital Clamp MeterFluke 303 Digital Clamp Meter

Fluke 303 Digital Clamp Meter comes with all the rugged, reliable and accurate features that is used for AC current measurements up to 600 A, in a small, ergonomic design. its large 30 mm jaw opening and CAT IV 300 V/CAT III 600 V safety rating, you get an easy-to-use tool that handles your everyday electrical maintenance needs.

Applications: Electrical and Electronic Industrial Applications

1 in stock HTC, AVM-06, Digital Anemometer,Wind Velocity MeterHTC, AVM-06, Digital Anemometer,Wind Velocity Meter

HTC AVM 06 Digital Anemometer is utilized for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, wind speed and air volume. It also holds the features like auto power off, Hold, USB real time data uploading functions etc.

Application: Measuring air, Gas and Emissions stream in funnels, Ducts and Stacks and so on.

1 in stock HTC-IRX65-1HTC-IRX65-1

HTC IRX-65 Digital Infrared Thermometer infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation sometimes called blackbody radiation emitted by the object being measured.

Applications: Ventilation system, enclosed space hot or cold spot monitoring, manufacturing processes, etc

100 in stock HTC MTX-1 Infrared ThermometerHTC MTX-1 Infrared Thermometer

HTC MTX-1 Infrared Thermometer measures the temperature range from -50°C to 550 °C. MTX-1 Infrared Thermometer measures the surface temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.
Applications: Used in large sheets of glass or metal exiting an oven, fabric, and paper or continuous piles of material along with a conveyor belt.


Meanwell LRS-75-24 Switching Power Supply Single Output Switching Power Supplies are 75W enclosed-type power supplies with a 30mm low-profile design. With a full 85VAC to 264VAC input range, the LRS-75 power supplies provide an output voltage line of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V, and 48V.

Applications: Industrial automation machinery, Industrial control system, Mechanical and electrical equipment, Electronic instruments, equipment, or apparatus, Household appliances etc.

50 in stock Mextech GM-06 Gloss Meter

Mextech GM-06 Gloss Meter is not only used for Floor maintenance but also for Quality control checks of surface cleaning, Stone and tile gloss measurement, Inspection of paint protection and waxing, Quality control of paint and ink, Checking printed matter, measurement (chrome plating), Auto-body paint inspection, a Surface inspection of plastic moldings, polished metal surface, Evaluation of detergents and washers, Checking masonry and washers, and building exteriors.