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Ace 8 Channel Data Logger

Ace 8 Channel Data Logger is used to Measure & Record various parameters like vacuum, pressure, temperature, humidity &
differential pressure in a single instrument. This also acts as a paperless recorder, hence saving ample time in recording and analyzing data.

Applications: Temperature recording application in industry, scientific research and quality assurance applications, research and development.


ACE AI-CRM1-LCD Clean Room Monitor

ACE AI-CRM1-LCD Clean Room Monitor is intended to measure the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity, and Differential Pressure in Clean Room Applications. The display is a new generation graphic LCD with Blue backlit for great visibility.

Applications: Pharma Clean Rooms, Hospital Operation Theatre Rooms, Isolation Rooms, APIs, Bulk Drugs, Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Plants, Test Plants, Green Houses.


Ace Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

Ace Digital Differential Pressure Gauge comes with clear 4 digits LED display. It accompanies worked in sensor and likewise a ringer caution with affirmation office for process violation alarm

Application: Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, Clean Rooms, Bio safety Cabinets, AHU, Etc.


Amprobe TH-3 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter

The Amprobe TH-3 Relative Humidity and Temperature Meter uses a precision capacitance sensor to deliver accurate performance with long term stability. This high accuracy instrument measures the full range of relative humidity from 0% to 100% and features an exceptionally wide ambient temperature measurement range from -20 °C (-4 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F).

Application: Warehouses, Offices, Houses.


Cold Chain Temperature Alarm Monitor

Cold Chain Temperature Alarm Monitoraccurately measures the temperature with high sensitivity RTD probe and alerts the users through SMS or Email. The real-time data also can be downloaded to a remote PC for further analysis and corrections.

Applications: Cold Storage, Cold Chains, Server Rooms, Data focus, UPS rooms, Battery rooms, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Medical, Logistics, Warehouses, Airports, Hospitals, Machinery Rooms, Ship-Building and so forth.


Drager Pac 6500 H2S Single Gas Detector

Dräger® Pac 6500 H2S Single-Gas Detector accurately measures H2S and alarms the user even in the toughest conditions. The user-friendly, fast response sensor and a durable battery guarantee two years of an easy life in extreme conditions meeting the user’s purpose with no maintenance ever required.

Applications: Sewage Treatment, Waste Management, Oil & Gas.


Drager Pac 6500 Portable SO2 Gas Detector

Dräger® Pac 6500 SO2 Gas Detector alerts the user against a hazardous concentration of sulfur dioxide as a personal safety device. Pocket-sized and ease of operation make this device very helpful for the workers to operate under most sensitive conditions also. The detector complies with all necessary degree of approvals and makes this as a globally accepted Detector.

Applications: Hospitals, Fire Service, Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining, Pest Control, Alcohol, and Drug Detection


Fluke 107 Palm-sized Digital Multimeter

Fluke 107 Palm-sized Digital Multimeter compact design makes it fit in a shirt pocket or work bag, It is easy-to-use that makes it the perfect first-pass troubleshooting tool and tough enough to withstand daily use without compromising safety.

Applications: Laboratories, Industries, and Educational Institutions


Fluke 317 Digital Clamp Meter

Fluke 317 Digital Clamp Meter is designed with ergonomic concepts, shaped to fit your hand and to access tight spots easily. The fluke clamp meter is ideally suited for current measurements up to 1000 A (319) in tight cable compartments.

Application: Industrial Applications


Fluke 941 Light Meter

Fluke 941 Light Meter is a handheld lux meter that helps to measure visible light sent from different light sources, to include fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, or incandescent lamps.

Applications: Cleanroom operators, Farmers, HVAC suppliers, Room illumination assessment as part of Environmental Health and Safety reviews.


Fluke i1010 AC/DC Current Clamp

Fluke i1010 AC/DC current clamps can measure from 1Amps. to 1000Amps. to give exact current perusing without breaking the circuit. This brace estimates both AC/DC current with an expansive jaw, battery-fueled Hall-impact test that offers access to hard to achieve zones.


Fluke i2500-18Flexible Current Probes

Fluke iFlex Flexible Current Probe is used to expand the measurement range of the selected Fluke meters to 2500 A AC, providing accurate measurement with flexibility. These Flexible Fluke Current Probe connect directly to the meter, displaying current measurements without any error-prone scaling factors.