Vaisala DM70 Handheld Dew Point Meter

Product Id : 285367

Vaisala DM70 Handheld Dew Point Meter is your trusted companion for accurate and reliable dew point measurements. Whether you’re in a laboratory, industrial environment, or out in the field, this compact device is designed to meet your dew point measurement needs with precision and ease.

Applications: HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Environmental Monitoring, Quality Control in Manufacturing

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Country : United States

Product Description

Vaisala DM70 Handheld Dew Point Meter is a portable and easy-to-use instrument that measures dew point temperature accurately and quickly. This Dew Point Meter is ideal for spot-checking applications in a wide variety of industries, including compressed air, metal treatment, additive manufacturing, and food and plastics drying. The DM70 can also be used as a tool for reading the output of fixed Vaisala dew point transmitters.

Features of Vaisala Handheld Dew Pointer Meter:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Data logging and transfer to a PC
  • Large LCD Display with backlight

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vaisala
Model No DM70
Measuring Parameters Dew Point Temperature
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity 0 %RH to 100 %RH
Storage Temperature -40 to 70 °C
Max. no of probes 2
Interface MI70 Link software with USB or serial port cable
Power Supply Rechargeable NiMH battery pack with AC adapter or 4 × AA size alkalines, type IEC LR6
Output Resolution 0.6 mV
Protection class IP 54
Display LCD with backlighting
Alarm Audible alarm function
Data Capacity 2700 real time data points
Charging Time 4 hours

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