Testo 922 Digital Temperature Thermometer

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Testo 922 Digital Temperature Thermometer is ideal for professional use in the fields of heating, plumbing, and air conditioning for temperature measurements with up to three temperature sensors and direct display of temperature differences.
Applications: Heating, plumbing, and air conditioning

NOTE: This meter uses a sensor to start up (Select from Dropdown)


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Country : United States

Product Description

Testo 922 Digital Temperature Thermometer measures and displays the minimum and maximum values of the temperature difference. This Testo Temperature Meter is compatible with different types of probes used in different mediums i.e. air, Immersion/penetration(Food), Surface, Thermocouples, and Flexible and Waterproof probes. The Testo 922 Meter continuously displays the minimum and maximum values. The measurement values of the Testo 922 Thermometer are shown in the display (current measurement value, fixed measurement value, or the minimum/maximum value) and can be printed out on-site using the Testo report printer (optional). In addition to this Testo 922 Thermometer, the measurement values can be cyclically printed – the intervals can be individually set.

Features of  Testo Digital Temperature Thermometer:

  • Temperature measurements and temperature difference display
  • Wide measuring range from -50 °C to 1 000 °C
  • This Testo 922 thermometer has Connecting points for two type K temperature sensors; wireless connectivity for a third temperature sensor
  • Wide range of optional sensors
  • Connecting points for 2 optional type K temperature sensors
  • Testo 922 has Wireless connectivity for a third temperature sensor
  • Temperature values and temperature differences are directly visible in the display.
  • This Testo Temperature Meter has a Permanent display of min and max values
  • Hold function that freezes the last reading

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Testo
Model 922
Select Probe Contact Store for Other Probes, Temperature Meter + Fast-action surface probe (TC type K) – measuring range -60 to +300 °C, short-term up to +500 °C, Temperature meter + Fast-reaction paddle surface probe (TC type K) - Measuring range: - 0 to +300°C, Temperature Meter + Robust air temperature probe (TC type K) – measuring range: -60 to +400 °C, Temperature Meter + Waterproof stainless steel food probe (TC type K) - measuring range: -60 to +400°C, Temperature Meter + Waterproof, robust immersion/penetration probe (TC type K) - measuring range: -50 to +230°C
Measuring Parameters Temperature
Temperature -50 to +1000 °C
Accuracy ±(0.5°C + 0.3 % of mv) For -40 to +900°C, ±(0.7°C + 0.5% of mv) For Remaining Range
Resolution 0.1°C For -50 to +199.9 °C, 1°C For Remaining Range
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 °C, -20˚ to 50˚C (-4˚ to 122˚F), 15 to 95% RH, 0.9 to 1.1 atm
Storage Temperature -40 to +70 °C
Housing ABS
No of channels 2 Channels
Battery 9V block battery, 6F22
Battery Life 200 hrs
Dimensions 182 X 64 X 40 mm
Weight 171 Grams

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