SVANTEK SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter

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SVANTEK SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter is the newest class 1 sound level meter. This 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter is a small size and its weight is appreciated by many professionals who carry out measurements with this hand-held instrument. This is the new Class 1 Sound level meter that measures the Dynamic Range of Noises up to 120dB (Decibels).
Applications: Industrial plants, roads, Airports, rail traffic, construction sites, Work Areas, Offices, Railways, aircraft, etc.

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Country : United States

Product Description

SVANTEK SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter is a Handheld Sound level meter designed to measure Noise and Sound levels in work areas and public places. This is the newest Class 1 Sound Level Meter that has been appreciated by many professionals who are used to measuring the sound and noise levels in different locations. This Class 1 Sound Level Meter can Measure Dynamic Range up to 120 dB. (Decibels).
Features of Svantek Class 1 Sound Level Meter :

  • This SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter has a new microphone that can measure from 27 dBA up to 140 dBA Peak in a single range with the class 1 precision in accordance with the IEC 61672-1.
  • The meter is suitable for measurements of noise at work in accordance with standards such as ISO 9612, OSHA, MSHA, and ACGIH, and hearing protector selection in accordance with ISO 4869-2.
  • The 1/1 octave analysis is often used for the selection of hearing protectors. The 1/3 octave function allows the determination of the influence of high or low frequencies on overall values.
  • Audio recording is synchronized with a noise time history and it can be opened and played back in PC software enabling noise source recognition. Audio recording can be triggered on a threshold or time. It can be activated at any time by ordering the activation code.
  • The time history logging of results such as Leq, Max, Min, and Peak with two simultaneous logging steps is saved on a 32 GB microSD card (upgradeable to 128 GB).
  • The biggest advantage of using SV 971A is its power efficiency. It can run up to 24 hours on one set of small AAA batteries.
  • A supervisor is a software package for health and safety specialists. The package supports all Svantek instruments for the health and safety market.
  • Assistant is a smartphone application dedicated to the Svantek Health and Safety instrumentation. The application uses the Bluetooth® interface enabling current results to be previewed on a smartphone or tablet as well as controlling the measurement Start / Stop and Markers. The Assistant also sounds an alarm when pre-set noise or vibration limits are exceeded.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Svantek
Model No SV-971A
Measuring Parameters Frequency Range
Frequency 5 Hz ÷ 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Dynamic Range 120 dB
Power Supply Four AAA alkaline or Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Display OLED
Dimension 232.5 mm x 56 x 20 mm
Weight 225 grams

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