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Testo 540 Pocket-Sized Lux Meter

Testo 540 Pocket-Sized Lux Meter is planned especially to complete spot checks in the workplace, shops, and work environments. The light sensor is exhibited on the apparition affectability of the human eye and is ideal for assessing lighting conditions in an extensive variety of workplaces.

Applications: Workplace, Shops, and Offices.


Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer

Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer gun-style design makes it easy to handle and helps users to carry out efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements. This Testo infrared thermometer is a perfect temperature measuring device, especially for undertaking control measurements in trade and industry. The integrated processor provides accurate measurement results.
Applications: Manufacturing industries, Blacksmith, Casting, Ic engines, etc


Testo 922 Digital Temperature Thermometer

Testo 922 Digital Temperature Thermometer not only measures and display the current measured values but also displays the difference in temperature. It is compatible with different types of probes used in different medium i.e. air, Immersion/penetration(Food), Surface, Thermocouples, Flexible and Waterproof probes.

Applications: Heating, plumbing, and air conditioning

NOTE: This meter uses a sensor to start up (Select from Dropdown)

Testo 925 Temperature Thermometer

Testo 925 Temperature Thermometer is an all-rounder for Measuring temperature in heating engineering, sanitation sector, refrigeration, and air conditioning technology. 1-channel Temperature Thermometer is specially designed for fast and reliable measurements in the HVAC field.
Applications: HVAC, Food Processing, Air conditioning, etc.