Transforming work with connected and intelligent solutions: Enhanced operations strategy, combined with expertise across industries — accelerates driving efficiency, cost benefits, and competitive advantage. We intend to provide you with the most user-friendly and affordable solutions. Our expertise in Embedded systems and data-driven innovation in IoT network technologies like LoRa WAN, RFID, NFC, PoE has been delivering intelligent and smart solutions to Large, Medium & Small-scale industries. Our key verticals in sensor-based technologies for Process Control include Environmental (HVAC, IAQ) Monitoring, Storage Management, Logistics Automation, and similar forte. The connected ecosystem brings real-time analytics by gathering instant feedback, monitoring, diagnostics, and remediation remotely.

Smart Environment Monitoring System

Temperature and humidity are the most critical parameters to be monitored at an unmanned location like Server/Data Centre Rooms. Airflow should be maintained consistently throughout the room and closely monitored. Different servers require different temperatures, any temperature between 20-24 Deg C is ideal, and a Very slight deviation above 30 Deg C as per ASHRAE can lead to data and physical property loss.
Our aim at Instrukart is to understand the challenges and provide the right solution in monitoring these locations remotely. These Temperature and Humidity monitors feed the real-time data and shares it with a centralized platform over a network. An individual can be remotely alerted via SMS, E-mail or Call.


This factory-calibrated device which is traceable to NABL (National Standard) gives an accurate indication of temperature & humidity along with access to parameters like ON/OFF alert of AC/Compressor or any such vital data. The device is fully customizable based on the solution required at the monitoring site. A real-time dashboard allows users to view, analyze, and download historical reports required for compliance and audits. The benefits of this system include
(a) Automated process with minimum Manual intervention
(b)Time saving with notification and alerts
(c) Accessibility at remote locations
(d) Improves productivity.
Instrukart aims to partner and support Industries with the right techno-commercial solution with a minimum workaround using the existing system. Our expertise in wide range of sensor-based devices includes IoT, LoRa WAN, PoE, RF, etc.

Smart Workspace Monitoring System

With emerging smart cities, coworking spaces, and hubs dedicated to enterprises, workplace design is transforming with enhanced HVAC Engineering, unlike the retro well-ventilated spaces. These constantly evolving data-enabled spaces bring in newer challenges to maintain in closed offices. Common Parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Co2, PM 2.5, PM 10, and VOC can affect employee's wellbeing during office hours. According to a recent study, excessive exposure to these gases leads to health deterioration with Lungs and brain affected in most scenarios. Some of the common concerns raised by employees include Nausea, Headache, Tiredness, which eventually contribute to loss of productivity. A study by Berkeley lab has shown that improving indoor air quality can have a 4%-to-16% increase in the efficiency of work tasks such as typing, mathematics, and general office duties.
Our solutions help to analyze intensity of these parameters and eventually rectify the workspace functioning. Instrukart has designed an user-friendly device to measure and record these parameters at different locations with the help of RF technology and push the consolidated data of all Workspace such as Floors/ODC/Conf Room etc.. to cloud using IoT.


Key features of these devices include optimal technology for battery management, longevity, connectivity with network operators, quick sensor warm-up time, , robust structure, minimal maintenance , and ensuring incremental data is pushed to cloud. Our Fail-safe methods ensuring critical data retrieving and password protection helps admins control the device when Floormen uses the same to record.
Regular OTA Version Upgrades and customizable solutions makes it feasible for Businesses to design the device compatible with the latest technology. Multiple devices can be redirected to a single server using LAN network in geographically distributed offices and helps easy data retrieval for further RCA (Root cause Analysis). Our solution can well be adapted in many applications, including and not limited to Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Modern Farming, HVAC.

Smart LPG Level and Leakage Detector

According to IISD Global, The total number of LPG connections in India has increased rapidly in the past decade, rising from 106 million connections in FY 2008/09 to 263 million in FY 2017/18, of which 224M are active connections. With the increasing demand for LPG connections, carelessness in the usage of LPG cylinders are acting as a ticking bomb causing fatal injuries. These LPG connections are mostly observed in canteens, hotels, urban and non-urban houses, facing leakage threats. According to the NCRB report on fire accidents, about 17% or 19491 deaths were caused by burst of Gas Cylinder/Stove.
The primary objective of a leakage detector is to detect the pressurized gas. The user receives alert notification whenever there is some leakage and can respond from any location with a smartphone.


Instrukart being at the forefront of offering technology solutions with continuous R&D practices and technology updates, designed a Smart level and Leakage Detector which extensively helps the users and housing societies reduce these accidents. These smart detectors come with utilities like Level Detection, Voice & Call Alerts, FM Radio, Real Time Clock, making this a reliable and kitchen-friendly device. The detector uses the most advanced sensor and can calibrate the slightest LPG Leak and alerts the intended personnel. This device continuously transmits data over the IoT and informs the local Gas Agency about the level of gas through the Weight sensor stand and helps the consumer deliver cylinder just before the LPG is depleted. It also alerts any leakage if such, so that the Agency can report to the local Fire Station and Rapid Action Cell. The uniqueness lies in two-way communication where the user can also configure the device over the air without any physical contact with the device.
Instrukart has filed a patent right for this device, considering the unique engineering solution involved to make this smart and friendly application.
Instrukart, along with International manufacturers of cylinders, is on a mission to reduce the carbon emission, convert the sub-urban and rural household from Charcoal, Wood & Paraffin to LPG and primarily benefit the women. Our Mission 2024 defines penetration of Domestic `LPG from 3% to 90% and eventually reduce the carbon emission by 80% from traditional cooking method.