Soeks EcoVisor F4 Pocket Sized 5-in-1 Multimeter

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Soeks EcoVisor F4 Pocket 5-in-1 Multimeter Military-grade radiation detector measures and instantly alerts you about all types of ionizing radiation in food, air, water, objects, environment.

Applications: Shipping containers, grocery stores and restaurants, food hygiene.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Soeks EcoVisor F4 Pocket 5-in-1 Multimeter keeps track of the radiation dose with audio & visual alarms when dangerous levels are reached. Soeks TDS Meter easily tests indoor, outdoor, electronic devices, and appliances with the built-in EMF analyzer of the harmful spectrum of electric and magnetic fields.

Features of Soeks Nitrate Tester:

  • Test drinking water in 3 seconds and know how clean it is, or when it’s time to replace those water filters.
  • Test fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood for the extra amount of nitrates protecting the health of your family, children, and elders.
  • Touch Screen and Button controls – provide effortless navigation and a user-friendly interface
  • 3 EMF sensors show up “hot” electromagnetic zones inside-outside the house, or from electronic devices
  • 24 hours of at work time from a single charge, recharge with included USB cable and power adapter
  • Geiger Counter, Dosimeter, Nitrate Tester, EMF Meter, Water Quality Detector presents an accurate assessment of the environment, objects, food, water, air providing overall protection

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Manufacturer Soeks
Model EcoVisor F4
Type Multi Tester
Measuring Parameters Water content, Nitrate, Radiant flux
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Display LCD Display
Power Supply 2 AAA Batteries
Material ‎Rubber Infused Plastic
Voltage 3.5 V
Battery Cell Type NiMH
Battery Life 2 Years
Dimensions 21 X 54 X 147 mm
Weight 95 Grams

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