SOEKS EcoVisor F2 Nitrate Tester and TDS Water Meter

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SOEKS EcoVisor F2 Nitrate Tester and TDS Water Meter check both Nitrates in food and Particles in Fluids. Nitrate Tester checks the quality of the fruits, veggies, meat, seafood with the help of high accuracy 5-point Probe and TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) Water Meter measures the no. of particles in fluids and suggests whether the water is hard or soft.
Applications: Nitrate levels in fruits, vegetables, meat, and berries.

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Country : United States

Product Description

SOEKS EcoVisor F2 Nitrate Tester and TDS Water Meter measure the quality of food quickly and easily.  The main feature of this Ecovisor Nitrate Tester is that it displays audible and visual warnings when the concentration is above the standard limit. For dangerous foods, it indicates “excessive levels” and for safe food, it indicates “normal nitrate levels”. The TDS Water Meter of  EcoVisor F2 helps us to find the filter performance of potable water and Tap water. This EcoVisor F2 calculates the readings correctly even if the product or water is taken from the fridge.
Features of  Nitrate Tester and TDS Water Meter:

  • This SOEKS EcoVisor F2 Nitrate Tester and TDS Water Meter device has Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Composite Probe
  • Touch Screen

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Soeks
Nitrate Measuring Range 20 to 5000 mg/kg.
Temperature 0°C to 30°C
Deviation ±12%
PPM Measuring Range 0 to 5000(mg/l)
Temperature 0°C to 30°C
Deviation ±12%
Resolution 10 ppm
Battery 2 AAA batteries
Battery Life 2 Years
Dimensions 190 X 89 X 44 mm
Weight 95 Grams


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