Siemens QBM3020 Differential Pressure Sensor

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Siemens QBM3020 Differential Pressure Sensor uses a diaphragm sensing element and provides high range pressure measurement with accuracy and an output of 4 to 20 mA. Available with switchable pressure-linear or extracting-the-root characteristic and digital display. With the extracting-the-root characteristic, the pressure measuring range is adjustable.
Applications: Measuring pressure in ventilation, Air conditioning ducts & Pressure supervision in labs, Checks air flows, HVAC, Control fans & Cleanrooms

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Country : United States

Product Description

Siemens QBM3020 Differential Pressure Sensor is used to acquire differential, over and under the pressure of air and nonaggressive gases in applications where a high degree of measuring accuracy and quality is essential. Siemens Differential Pressure Sensor will be appropriate for measuring volume flow via differential pressure since the output signal can be set to extracting the root.

Features Of Siemens Differential Pressure Sensor:

  • The high degree of measuring accuracy.
  • Adjustable characteristic curve (pressure-linear or extracting-the-root).
  • Zero-point adjustment
  • Simple and fast mounting thanks to integrated fixing angle bar in the housing
  • Maintenance-free thanks to excellent long-term stability
  • Calibrated and temperature-compensated measuring signal
  • Supplied with plastic tubing
  •  Very short response time

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Siemens
Model No QBM3020
Select Model QBM3020-1 Range 0...100 Pa, QBM3020-10 Range 0...1000 Pa, QBM3020-1U Range -50... +50 Pa, QBM3020-25 Range 1600... 2500 Pa, QBM3020-3 Range 0...300 Pa, QBM3020-5 Range 0...500 Pa
Measuring Parameters Differential Pressure
Measuring medium Air and non-aggressive gases
Response Time < 20 ms
Operating Temperature 0 to 70 °C
Operating Voltage 24VAC, 13.5VDC to 33V
Output Voltage 0 to 10 VDC
Sensing Method Pressure diaphragm
Connection Screw terminals
Protection class IP 54
Power Supply Safety extra low voltage (SELV/PELV)
Power Consumption 0.5 VA
Output Not galvanically separated, 3-wire connection, short-circuit proof, protected against reverse polarity.
Calibration Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards.
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Dimension 101 x 86 x 49 mm
Weight 200 Grams
Supply Scope Instrument -1no, Instruction Manual -1no, Plastic Tubing -1no

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