RST Demron™ Full Body CBRN Anti Radiation Suit (Customizable)

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RST Demron™ Full Body CBRN Anti Radiation Suit is the only True Anti-Nuclear, CBRN Now with Self-cooling Stealth Technology. This Anti Radiation Suit offers true resistance against Radiological and Ionizing Nuclear Radiation.
Applications: Nuclear labs,  Metals testing, Radiation testing labs, First responders, etc.


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Country : United States

Product Description

RST Demron™ Full Body CBRN Anti Radiation Suit is a class 2 style CBRN suit. This Anti Radiation suit was engineered to provide universal protection against chemical, biological, non-ionizing radiation, and ionizing radiation. Demron™ reduces heat stress by allowing better heat dissipation than any other impermeable. According to Lawrence Livermore National Defense Laboratory, This Anti Radiation suit is an excellent shield of high energy beta particles, such as those emitted from Strontium-90, and provides at least 50% shielding of gamma rays up to 130 Kev(Customizable). Other BC suits are heat sinks.  This suit can be customized according to the application which is equivalent could be equivalent to D-9 and D-11 suits(Which are used in major Radiation Nuclear labs)

With very little activity, heat will build up in the suit and it will continue to climb at rest. Because they are insulating, they cannot be cooled externally. Only the Anti Radiation suit for rp reduces heat stress production, passively cools, and the first responder can be externally cooled without the need to be de-gowned. Each Suit has worn on a treadmill at 3.5mph for 10min (600 sec) and allowed to passively cool at amb T. Each Suit was worn on a treadmill at 3.5 mph for 3min and actively cooled with a wet T-shirt and fanned at 25 mph. The water temp on the T-shirt was 74 F.
Features of Anti Radio active Suit:

  • Full chemical and biological resistance
  • CBRN heat-sealed seams
  • CBRN zipper
  • Self Cooling
  • Reduces IR detection
  • Built-in booties and gloves
  • CBRN face seal

Options & Accessories

  • CBRN mask, gloves & boots

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Manufacturer RST Demron
Model CBRN Suit, Demron™ Nuclear/RDD/IED Shield, Demron™ Radiation Crew Protection Blanket, Full Body Suit, Torso Suit
Note Please refer datasheet for additional information (Contact store for Customization)

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