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Ace AI-RHTx Temperature And Humidity Transmitter

Ace AI-RHTx Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is a wall-mounted Humi-Temp Indicator that measures and simultaneously displays parameter readings in Red LED display. The Temperature and Humidity Transmitter has an optional output of 2 X 4-20 mA, one each for both Temperature and Relative Humidity.

Applications: Pharma Clean Rooms, HVAC, Hospital Isolation Rooms and Hospital Operation Theatres


Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor is a wall mounting temperature & humidity monitor that simultaneously measures and displays the parameter readings in the Red LED display. With the in-built alarm system provided in the monitor alerts the user about the violation of critical parameters of temperature & humidity in IT Infrastructure Facilities and Data Center Applications.

Application: Server Room, UPS Room, Battery Room, Datacenter Facilities, Ware Houses.


Temperature Monitoring System

Ace Instruments make Temperature Monitoring System is simultaneously used to measure temperature with displays & alerts facility for the user about the critical parameter of temperature in IT infrastructure facilities.

Applications: Data Center, UPS Rooms, Battery Rooms, Server Rooms, Cold chains, Warehouses,etc.


Testo 104 IR Food Safety Thermometer

Testo 104 IR food safety thermometer is ideal for carrying out temperature checks in the food industry. This Multi-use Infrared and penetration thermometer feature folding mechanism, which makes it fit snugly in any pocket and could be available whenever you need it, to carry out checks on Import/Export goods, spot-checking during transport or food inspections in the Food/Retail industry.

Applications: Food transport trucks, refrigerators, Food Industries, hotels & restaurants, etc.