Wireless Blood Bank Temperature Monitoring System


Wireless Blood Bank Temperature Monitoring System is a sparing Blood Banks and UPS Rooms Facilities Temperature Monitor System  which at the same time measures, shows and cautions the client about the basic parameter of temperature in checking offices.

Applications:  Blood Banks, UPS rooms, Battery rooms, Cold Storages, Cold Chains, Food, Server Rooms, Data focus, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Medical, Logistics, Warehouses, Airports, Hospitals, Machinery Rooms, Ship-Building and so forth

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Product Description

Wireless Blood Bank Temperature Monitoring System based smart monitoring device helps the Blood Banks/Freezers in alarming the users with SMS & Email on temperature violations. This real time cloud based Device is especially designed to serve the critical applications with a proven reliability.

Features of Wireless Blood Bank Temperature Monitoring System:

SMS Alert  :

  • Periodic SMS: SMS at regular interval of time intervals set by user
  • Alert SMS: SMS on exceeding set limits (Lo & Hi) for both Temperature and Humidity Parameters
  • On-Demand SMS: SMS on request from your registered Mobile Numbers
    Note: Provision for registering Upto 5 mobile numbers.

Email Alert:

Email Alert Notification when parameter regard is out of the pre-set edge.

Arrangement for enlisting numerous Email IDs(10 Email Ids can be designed) from dashboard.

Cloud Alert:

Online Interface(Mobile/PC/Tab) to see continuous information transmitted through Instrument. Dashboard to screen ongoing information with downloading/announcing in Excel/PDF Format Custom Report planning according to client necessity likewise accessible

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