USB Disposable Temperature Data Logger RC-55


USB Temperature Data Logger RC-55 is a single-use data logger. It is used in food nourishment, medication and other transitory items cold chain co ordinations, particularly for large scale, utilize dispensable data logger furnishing clients with an advantageous, quick and safe activity of exact information.

Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer vehicles, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse, etc.

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Product Description

USB Disposable Temperature Data Logger RC-55 is a single data logger.It is used in food, medicine and other perishable products cold chain logistics especially for large-scale use disposable data-logger providing customers with convenient, fast and safe operation of accurate data.

Features of Temperature Data Logger Rc-55

  • Temperature records for the entire cold chain logistics.
  • MKT indicator function.
  • Easy operation with single Icon on PC software(no need of menu operations)
  • PC software simulation of the over temperature with red or green lights.
  • Dual bar code labels.
  • Recording Options Single Use

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