UNI-T A25M Portable PM 2.5 Air Quality Monitor


UNI-T A25M Portable PM 2.5 Monitor is an air quality meter used to quantify PM2.5 fixation. PM2.5 fixations are utilized to show distinctive emojis on a screen to enable clients to picture their ecological conditions. A25M Monitor arrangement can be utilized in many applications some of which are given below.

Applications: Homes, Research centers, Cars, Workplaces, Schools, Processing plants, Gathering rooms, Airplane terminals, Healing centers, Eateries etc.

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Product Description

UNI T A25M Portable PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor is an easy to carry monitor with emoticons to indicate PM2.5 concentration grade (top quality, good, mild, moderate, severe, poison).


1. Convenient to carry with exquisite design;

2. PM2.5 concentration and ambient temperature display together on screen;

3. Designed with laser sensor for auto calibration & real-time test;

4. Can continuously work for 4 hrs with rechargeable polymer battery;

5. Equipped with hanging & car mounts for application in various environments;

6. Test with one key, over-range indication;

7. °C/°F unit switching


Additional Information

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: 1ug/m3, 1ug/m3
: ± (10ug/m3+10dgts) 0~100ug/m3
: ± (10%+30dgts) 101~400ug/m3
: ± (10%+50dgts) 401~500ug/m3


1 ug/m3

Temperature Range

Temperature Resolution

Power Supply




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