Testo 905 T1 Penetration Thermometer


Testo 905-T1 Penetration Thermometer enables reliable temperature measurements in liquids, soft or powdery substances and in the air with a large measuring range and its short response time that make it stand out. Both advantages are due to the high-quality type K thermocouple probe.

Applications: Ideally suited for measurements in fluid substances in laboratory, chemical and pharmaceutical areas.

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Product Description

Testo 905-T1 penetration thermometer has a large measuring range from -50 to +350 °C and can even measure up to +500 °C for a short time (1 to 2 minutes). Its permanently integrated type K thermocouple probe makes this possible. In addition, the temperature instrument is characterized by its short response time. The thermocouple probe reacts very quickly, particularly in water (or other liquids).


• Temperature measurements up to +500°C possible for a short time

• Quick response time

• Long, pointed thermocouple probe: ideal for measurements in liquids, soft or powdery substances and in the air

• Measuring values easy to read off thanks to a pivoting display

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