Testo 810 – IR Thermometer


Testo 810 IR Thermometer measures the temperature on two channels. On the one hand, being an infrared thermometer it can take non-contact surface temperature measurements of the object being measured; on the other hand, it can measure the air temperature using its additionally integrated NTC sensor. The IR thermometer displays the temperature difference directly on the illuminated display.

Applications: It is extremely well suited to use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology.

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Product Description

Testo 810 – IR Thermometer compact size of the infrared thermometer makes it easy to store in your pocket and immediately accessible for taking measurements. When measuring surface temperatures, you can mark the required spot with the integrated 1 point laser to achieve a specific measurement. The 6:1 optics of the infrared temperature measuring instrument is primarily suitable for measurements at closer to medium distances.


• Simultaneous measurement of the surface temperature and air temperature

• Non-contact measurement of the surface temperature (infrared thermometer)

• Display of the temperature difference

• Adjustable emission level

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