Testo 606-1 Pocket Sized Moisture Meter


Testo 606-1 Pocket Sized Moisture Meter is a particularly convenient and easy to-operate pocket-sized material moisture measuring instrument. The material moisture is directly displayed in percentage by weight via stored material characteristic curves.

Application: Shops, wood factory, buildings etc..

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Product Description

Testo 606-1 Pocket Sized Moisture Meter packed with a variety of quality features: easy to use; precise and absolutely reliable measurements; suitable for measuring moisture content for a wide range of different types of wood and building materials. The two sensing electrodes are pushed firmly into the wood or building material where they measure the moisture content as a percentage based on the dry mass (dry weight).

Wood / Building material moisture


Measuring range

8.8 to 54.8 % by weight; beech, spruce, larch, birch, cherry, walnut

7.0 to 47.9 % by weight; oak, pine, maple, ash-tree, douglas fir, meranti

0.9 to 22.1 % by weight; cement screed, concrete

0.0 to 11.0 % by weight; anhydrite screed

0.7 to 8.6 % by weight; cement mortar

0.6 to 9.9 % by weight; lime mortar, plaster

0.1 to 16.5 % by weight; bricks


Accuracy: ±1 %

Resolution: 0.1

Measuring Rate: 1 s

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