Testo 521-1 Differential pressure measuring instrument


Testo 521-1 differential pressure measuring instrument is focused on correct differential weight estimations in cooling and ventilation advancement. It is unimaginable for use in estimating the weight drop on diverts and in checking fans and extractors. The assessing instrument is in a like manner suitable for Pitot tube estimations in ventilation conductors or in-process air (in the 5 to 100 m/s broaden).

Applications: pneumatic, compressor and pump installations, valves, tanks and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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Country : United Kingdom

Product Description

Testo 521-1 differential pressure measuring instrument has an integrated temperature-reimbursed differential weight sensor which measures with an accuracy of 0.2 % of f.v. Moreover, you can connect up to 2 help optional tests to the evaluating instrument. This suggests you can adaptably alter the differential weight assessing instrument to your application. You have the choice of going with tests.

Features of Testo 521-1 differential pressure measuring instrument:

  • Built-in differential pressure probe
  • 2 user-defined probe sockets for pressure and temperature
  • A wide selection of probes
  • Documentation on site
  • Easy data management via PC
  • 2 line display with a text menu guide
  • Mains socket/fast battery recharging
  • Fast-action coupling connections M8x0.5

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Measuring Parameters Ceramic, Piezoresistive, Temperature, Temperature - Type K TC
Temperature - NTC -40 to +150 °C
Accuracy ±0.2 °C (-10 to +50 °C), ±0.4 °C (Remaining Range)
Temperature - Type K TC -200 to +1370 °C
Accuracy_1 ,
Differential pressure (internal sensor) - Piezoresistive 0 to 100 hPa
Accuracy_2 ±0.2 % of full-scale value
Static pressure 1000 hPa (abs)
Overload 300 hPa
Static Pressure
Zeroing to 2.5 hPa
Differential pressure (external probe) - Piezoresistive 0 to 2000 hPa
Accuracy_3 ±0.1 % of mv
Resolution , , ,
Differential pressure (external probe) - Ceramic -1 to 400 bar
Accuracy_4 ±0.2 % of full-scale value
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Power Supply
Battery Life
Overload limit


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