Testo 510 i – Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument with Smartphone Operation


Testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument, utilized related to a smartphone or tablet is reasonable for quick and simple estimation of gas stream weight and static pressure, and also weight drops on fans and channels.

Applications: Pressure indicators are useful for observing room pressure sought after ventilation frameworks or in weight positive cleanrooms, HVAC applications, for example, measuring pipe draft and setting adjusting valves likewise utilized in brake testing, checking weight drop crosswise over channels, or as a transitory substitution for test measures

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Product Description

The compact Testo 510i differential pressure estimating the instrument including proficient measuring technology and smartphone task for estimating differential pressure, wind current speed and volume stream. Readings can be seen advantageously on your cell phone/tablet by means of the testo Smart Probes App and messaged emailed directly.

Features of Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument

• Measurement of a gas stream and static weight

• Measurement menu for weight drop test including cautions

• Simple arrangement and assurance of volume stream with Pitot tube

• Magnetic holder for simple connection

Additional Information

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Operating Temperature

Battery Life

Storage Temperature

Differential pressure (internal sensor) - Piezoresistive


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