Testo 184 T4 Temperature Data Logger

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Testo 184 T4 Temperature Datalogger is a convenient, easy-to-use logger designed with a very low-temperature range for use monitoring goods shipped with dry ice. The 184 T4 has all configuration information, reports, and calibration certificates on-board making use of the logger simple. The 184 T4 has a temperature range of -80 to 70°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C.

Applications: Monitoring of transport refrigerated vehicles, Containers, Refrigerators, Warehouses, Server rooms, Productions rooms, Pharmaceutical clean rooms, Validations, Cold chains, Deep freezer, Insulator shipping container, Refrigerator truck, Refrigerated Container, Intermodal container, etc.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Testo 184 T4 Temperature Data Logger is as simple as plugging a USB port and customizing the included PDF file. With testo data logger cold chain transportation, indication or configurable alarm settings, measurement frequency, temperature range, start and end times, are made easier. This temperature data logger can store up to 40,000 readings which can be downloaded into the computer via the integral USB port.

Features of Testo 184 T4 Temperature Data Logger:

  • A glance at the LEDs is enough to know whether limit values have been violated during transport.
  • Unlimited operating time
  • Can be used in the transportation of dry ice up to -80 °C
  • PDF measurement data, configuration file.
  • PDF report directly created after connecting it to a computer

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Testo
Model No 184 T4
Measuring Parameters Temperature
Range -80 to +70°C
Accuracy_1 ±0.5°C For -35 to +70°C, ±0.8°C For -80 to -35.1°C
Resolution_1 0.1°C
Operating Temperature -80°C to +70°C
Measuring Rate 1 min to 24 Hrs
Storage Temperature -80°C to +70°C
Alarms by LED
Standards EN 12830
Memory 40,000 measuring values
Sensor Type Pt1000
Battery Life 100 days (at 15 mins measurement rate)
Protection class IP67
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturing Warranty
Box Contains Testo 184 T4 Temperature data logger , Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN ISO 10204 , battery and 1 piece double-sided adhesive tape.
Dimensions 44 X 12 X 97 mm
Weight 44 Grams

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