Testo 104-IR Food Safety Thermometer


The Testo 104 waterproof food thermometer allows you to carry out quick and easy spot checks during the production, storage and processing of food. The food probe thermometer measures the core temperature of liquid, semi-solid and viscous media.

Applications: checking incoming goods, catering services, canteens and commercial kitchens, as well as cold storage rooms and supermarkets (ensuring that temperatures are kept and quality and hygiene standards are met).

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Product Description

The Testo 104 is the only folding waterproof food thermometer which can be cleaned under running water after carrying out measurements. The probe’s rugged metal joint allows it to be folded away and kept in its protective case until you need it again. The Testo 104 food probe thermometer is not only HACCP compliant and EN 13485 certified but also splash water protected making it ideal for use in the food sector.

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