Siemens QBM2030-1U Differential Pressure Sensor


Siemens QBM2030-1U Differential Pressure Sensor With Pressure-linear characteristic. For use with air or non-aggressive gases, for general HVAC applications. With stomach detecting component and selectable weight estimating ranges. Provided finish with an arrangement of 2 air pipe connectors and PVC container of 2 m.

Application: Measuring the smallest differential weights in ventilation and cooling channels, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms and AHU applications Check wind streams, Monitor channels, and control fans

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Product Description

Siemens QBM2030-1U Differential Pressure Sensor is the ideal product for hazardous measurement applications. The QBM series has Nine pre-programmed differential pressure ranges that are selectable. For those applications that need a custom range, the transmitter can be easily configured for any range between 0 to 3000 Pascals(Pa). The compact housing allows for the transmitter to be simple and fast mounting in virtually any application.

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