Senseair Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitter


Senseair Carbon Dioxide CO2 Transmitter is an all – computerized low – cost transmitter for establishment in the atmosphere zone. It gauges both CO2 concentration and temperature in the surrounding air. The information is transmitted to a BMS system or controller. It accompanies the standard scope of 0 to 2000 PPM.

Applications: HVAC,greenhouse,landfill gas,cofined space,marine vessels,ventilation management,Mining,cellar & gas stores.

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Product Description

Senseair Carbon Dioxide CO2 Transmitter is intended to control ventilation by transmitting the deliberate carbon dioxide and temperature incentive to the system’s Master or DDC. The transmitter is adaptable and suits a wide range of ventilation methodologies. As per most building guidelines, the fresh air flow should, in rooms where individuals remain more than once in a while, be at any rate 7litres/sec and person. In the event that the room inhabitants are grown-ups with a lightwork-load and the outside CO2 concentrationis 350 ppm, this airflow answers straightforwardly to anin-entryway CO2 concentration of 1040 ppm. As per National Boards of Occupational Safety and Health, the CO2 fixation can in this manner be utilized as a pointer of the IndoorAir Quality (IAQ). A CO2 fixation underneath 1000 ppm should then dependably be the point.

Technical Specifications:

ModelaSENSE™ Model Disp
CO2 Measurement Range0-2000 PPM CO2
Temperature Measurement Range -20 to +60°C
Accuracy (CO2)

±30ppm ±3% of reading

Accuracy Temperature

± 1°C TBD

Operating Temperature Range0 to +50°C
Operating Humidity Range0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Warm-up Time≤1 min. (@ full specs ≤10 minutes)
Sensor Life Expectancy>15 years
Maintenance IntervalMaintenance Free
Self Diagnosticscomplete function check of the sensor
Display4 Digits, 7 segments LCD with ppm / °C / % indicator (models –D)
Power Input24 VAC/VDC±20%, 50-60 Hz (half-wave rectifier input)
Power Consumption< 3 Watts average
Wiring Connectionsscrew terminals, max 1,5 mm2 wires/ European and US standard J-boxes
Analogue ProtectionPTC fuse (auto reset) on signal return M, short-circuit safe
Linear Outputs OUT1

Linear Outputs OUT2

0-10VDC or 2-10VDC for 0-2000ppm CO2/

0/4 – 20mA for 0 – 2000ppm CO2

0-10VDC or 2-10VDC for 0-50°C

0/4 – 20mA for 0-50°C

D/A Resolution10 bits, 10 mV / 0.016 mA
D/A Conversion Accuracyvoltage mode: ± 2% of reading ± 50 mV current loop : ± 2% of reading ± 0.3 mA
CO2 Measurement
Operating PrincipleNon-dispersive infrared (NDIR) with Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) 6
Response Time (T1/e)2 min. diffusion time
Pressure Dependence+ 1.58 % reading per kPa deviation from normal pressure, 100 kPa
Annual Zero Drift±0.3 % of measurement range
Temperature Measurement
Operating PrincipleThermistor
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer warranty

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