Riken Keiki GP-03 LEL Gas Monitor


Riken Keiki GP-03 LEL Gas Monitor is the only portable LEL Single gas detector for LPG, Propane, Methane, Butane, Petrol, Diesel, Hydrogen, Etc. It is designed to protect users against combustible gases. A robust waterproof design and high safety rating make the GP-03 series the ideal gas monitor for many hazardous applications.

Applications: Gas pipeline Installations, oil fields, refineries, Petrochemical Plants.

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Product Description

Riken Keiki GP-03 LEL Gas Monitor has a high-impact plastic front and a rear case and is suitable for all environmental conditions, indoors and outdoors. Well-balanced weight and shape ensure comfortable wearing. An alligator clip prevents the unit from dropping. This case unit is dustproof and weather resistant. The front case has an LCD which shows various indications. Two controls below the LCD are labeled as “AIR” and the other as “POWER MODE”. The buzzer opening is located in the top left corner of the front case and to the right of the buzzer is the diffusion port for the sensor.

Features of  GP-03 LEL Gas Monitor:

  • Interchangeable battery.
  • Comfortable wearable design.
  • An alligator clip prevents the unit from dropping.
  • LEL monitoring for gas pipeline installations.
  • Robust Waterproof Design.
  • Operates 3,000 hours on alkaline. (GP-03 up to 35 hours)
  • Automatic backlight.
  • Lightweight, 2.8 ounces.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model GP-03
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Detection Gas Combustible
Principle of detection Catalytic combustion
Detection Range 0-100%LEL (1%LEL)
Display of Alarm Flashing light, Buzzer, Vibration
Explosion protected construction Intrinsically safe
IP Rating
Power Source
Battery Life

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