Raytek MT4 Infrared Thermometer/Pyrometer


Raytek Infrared (IR) thermometers have become the preferred tool for diagnostics and inspection where temperature is an indicator.


Detecting clouds for remote telescope operation

Checking mechanical or electrical equipment for temperature and hot spots

Measuring the temperature of patients in a hospital without touching them

Checking heater or oven temperature, for calibration and control

Checking for hot spots in fire-fighting

Monitoring materials in processes involving heating or cooling and measuring temperature of volcanoes.

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Product Description

IR thermometers are easy to use, and since they do not contact the object being measured, they are the safest way to measure hot, hard-to-reach, or moving parts, while eliminating potential damage and contamination.The MiniTemp thermometer shows the temperature in an instant on its large, backlit display. The simple to use MiniTemp thermometer becomes even easier to operate when aiming with the laser point (MT4).

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