Optex SA-80T2A Non Contact Infrared Temperature Transmitter


Optex SA-80T2A Non Contact Infrared Temperature Transmitter detects and converts the amount of infrared energy into a temperature value. Because the method is non-contact, it enables quick and easy measurement of the target temperature from a safe distance. It converts the temperature measured to an analog 4-20mA Output Signal.

Applications: Air economizers, Outdoor temperature and relative humidity reference, Pool room humidity monitoring.


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Country : Germany

Product Description

Optex SA-80T2A Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Transmitter optical wireless system to transmit a certain distance in the laboratory. This transmitter has many advantages such as is common, inexpensive, and the transmitter can be showed to another location with the least response time and with a Digital interface.

Features of Optex Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Transmitter :

  • High-speed response time 100ms/90%
  • Waterproofing ability in compliance  withIP67
  • High heat resistance upto70°C of ambient temperature
  • high noise resistance and accurate temperature measurement with stable operation due to SUS body and silicon lens
  • Analog output of 4-20mA highly resistant to noise
  • Cylindrical shape enabling installation in a limited space
  • Temperature measurement range:0-400°C (SA-80T-4A)

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
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Measuring Parameters Temperature
Temperature ,
Accuracy_1 ,
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Vibration Resistance
Response Speed
Spectral Response
Analog Output
Area Size
Waterproof Grade
Power Supply


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