NUCLEONIX RC705 I&E Rad Check Meter

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NUCLEONIX RC705 I&E Rad Check Meter is primarily designed to measure low-level Gamma Contamination (RaC) in various commodities. It is an ideal choice to measure increased natural background (BG) in houses, factories, buildings, etc. in a nuclear disaster scenario. This Portable Meter uses a sensitive scintillator with PMT as the detector. This meter gives optimum performance in counting Low-Level Gamma Radioactive Contamination (RaC) in a variety of situations.

Applications: Food stuffs in solid form, minerals, engineering, steel and casting components etc


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Country : United States

Product Description

NUCLEONIX RC705 I&E Rad Check Meter Emeasures contamination in CPS, CPM, and Doserate (μR/h,μSv/h) modes and has a built-in user presettable alarm facility to declare the product as contaminated. The unit gives audio /visual alarms once it exceeds the preset level. It is advised to preset the alarm at least 1.5 times or more than the background radiation level, at that place.

Features of NUCLEONIX RC705 I&E Rad Check Meter:

  • An ideal choice for checking Radioactive Contamination(RaC) in solid foodstuffs. Steel, Foundry and engineering industrial products.
  • It is an ideal choice to measure increased natural background (BG) in houses, factories, buildings etc. in a nuclear disaster scenario.
  • Manufactured conforming to & ANSI N42.17Aperformance specifications for Health Physicsinstrumentation (portable)
  • Has Four modes of measurement CPS, CPM μR/hrand nSv/hr.
  • User settable alarm facility.
  • Highly sensitive compared to other similar meters.
  • The probability of detection of the alarm condition is more than 99%.
  • System designed to withstand Humidity, Shock /Vibration, Temperature (up to 55oC).
  • Designed to comply with EMI/EMC.


Additional Information

Manufacturer NUCLEONIX
Model RC705 E(External Sensor), RC705 I(Internal Sensor)
Detector Scintillator coupled to a Photomultiplier Tube.
Accuracy Better than +/-15% with Cs- 137 (above 100μR/hr ) Better than +/-25% with Cs-137 (upto 100μR/hr)
Dose rate (1-10000) μR/hr or (1-99999)μnSv/hr
Over range This instrument will show over range above the 10000 μR/hr
Alarms Facility Provision for audio/visual alarms if it exceeds preset level.
Sensitivity 0.1 μR/hr/1nSv/hr in termsof Radiation unit.
Serial Port / Data Communication Built-in micro USB port facilitates data down loading into PC.
User Interface i) Power ON/OFF Button. ii)START, STOP, PROG,STORE, INC,DEC command buttons for setting of parameters and operation of the instrument.
Power Operable on standard dry cells (1.5V x 4) 6 volts DC, Size AA, LR6 Alkaline cells AC adaptor working on 230VAC shall be supplied optionally.
Dimensions 106W x 196L x 100Ht in mm (Approx.)
Shipping Weight 1 Kg


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