Metravi CAL-400-3 Calibrator


Metravi CAL-400 Calibrator is a Hand Held, 3-1/2 DigiHand Held, 3-1/2 Digits, Battery Operated, 0 – 19.99/24mA, -199.9mV to 199.9mV source and current & power measurement

Applications: Machine building, Ship building, Measurement and Control Technology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Pumps and Compressors etc.

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Product Description

Metravi CAL-400-3 can be additionally called as computerized Milli-Volt/Milli Amperage Calibrator with 0 – 19.99mA/0-24mA) .


Customizable 0-24mA current source.

Customizable – 199.9mV to +199.9mV DCV source.

Current Calibrator drives stacks up to 500 ohms.

The instruments power or measure a two-wire current circle.


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