Meco 801 Digital Multimeter


Meco 801 Auto : Auto / Manual, 3¾ Digit, 3999 Count LCD, with APO, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle & Tempreture. AC Voltage. 4 / 40 / 400 / 750V.

Applications: For Temperature and Environmental Applications:Low cost weather station.For Voltage Measurements:High and low value DC measurement,for Current Measurements,for Resistance Measurement,for Time and Frequency measurement

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Product Description


  •   Range Selection : Auto & Manual for DC, AC Voltage, Resistance, µA, mA & ‘A’ measurement Auto     only for Frequency, capacitance, Temperature measurement
  •   Display : 3999 counts liquid crystal display (LCD) 15.0mm height, max. reading 3999, automatic        decimal points selection and annunciators of mV, V, µA, mA, A, V, KV, MV, AC, DC, AUTO , KHz,            MHz, nF, µF, H, OC, %
  •   Polarity : Automatic, (-) negative polarity indication
  •   Accessories : Test leads (pair), carring case, battery, Instructional manual & K Type Thermocouple
  •   Sample rate : 3 measurement per second

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