Meco 801 Auto Digital Multimeter

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Meco 801 Auto Digital Multimeter is used to measure AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Capacitance, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature with buzzer, and Auto on/off feature.
For Temperature and Environmental Applications: Low-cost weather station. For Voltage Measurements: High and low-value DC measurement, for Current Measurements, for Resistance Measurement, for Time and Frequency measurement

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Country : United Kingdom

Product Description

Features of Meco 801 Auto Digital Multimeter:

  • Range Selection: Auto & Manual for DC, AC Voltage, Resistance, µA, mA & ‘A’ measurement Auto     only for Frequency, capacitance, Temperature measurement
  • Display : 3999 counts liquid crystal display (LCD) 15.0mm height, max. reading 3999, automatic decimal points selection and annunciators of mV, V, µA, mA, A, V, KV, MV, AC, DC, AUTO, kHz, MHz, nF, µF, H, OC.
  • Polarity: Automatic, (-) negative polarity indication
  • Accessories: Test leads (pair), carrying case, battery, Instructional manual & K Type Thermocouple
  • Sample rate : 3 measurements per second

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Measuring Parameters AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, DC Current, DC Voltage, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature
DC Voltage
Accuracy ± (0.5% rdg + 4 dgt) on 400mV & 4V, ± (0.7% rdg + 4 dgt) on 40V & 400V, ± (1.0% rdg + 4 dgt) on 1000V
Input Impedance
AC Voltage
Accuracy_1 ,
Input Impedance 10MV on all ranges
DC Current
Accuracy_4 ± (1.5% rdg + 4 dgt)
AC Current
Accuracy_2 ± (2.2% rdg + 4 dgt)
Burden Voltage < 0.7V on 200mA < 0.25V on 20A
Accuracy_3 ± (0.7% rdg + 4 dgt) on all ranges except, ± (1.2% rdg + 4 dgt) on 4MV, ± (2.5% rdg + 4 dgt) on 40MV
Test Current Approx 0.7mA on 400V, 0.1mA on 4KV 30µA on 40KV, 4µA on 400KV
Overload Protection 500V DC/AC
Accuracy_5 ± (0.5% rdg + 2 dgt)
Duty Cycle
Accuracy_6 ± (0.5% rdg + 2 dgt)
Accuracy_7 ± (5.0% rdg + 10 dgt)
Accuracy_8 ± (2.0% rdg + 4 dgt)
Resolution 1C
Sensor Type
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
Accuracy_9 Accuracy specification at 27° ± 5°C and less than 75% RH
Battery Life
Low Battery


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