Magnehelic Gauge Calibrator


Magnehelic Gauge Calibrator consists of a portable hand pump & a Digital Master Gauge. It has various engineering units selectable from front keys for use in calibrating various instruments requiring several engineering units.

Applications: Filter Monitoring, Room Pressure Monitoring, Laboratory

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Product Description

Magnehelic Gauge Calibrator is a perfect source for the HVAC engineer & calibration laboratories carrying out high precision calibration for differential pressure parameter. The Portable Hand Pump is a light weight pneumatic pump used to generate air pressure for calibration of Analog Magnehelic Gauges, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Indicators, Low Pressure Switches & Low Pressure Instruments.The Pressure Gauge Calibrator is capable of generating upto 1 Bar (approx. 10,000 mm.W.C.) Pressure & upto 400 mm. Hg. Vacuum, thus making it ideal also for various low pressure & rough vacuum instrument calibrations (Using separate Master Gauges).

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