Lutron PO2- 250 Pen Type Oxygen Detector


Lutron PO2- 250 Pen Type Oxygen Detector features a microprocessor circuit that offers precise measurements. Its reliable Oxygen sensor does not get affected by acidic gases like CO2. 

Application:  Food industrial (Refrigerator, Vegetable factory ), Bio-Technology ( Oxygen incubator, Anaerobic cultivator ), Security system ( Air conditioner and Oxygen shortage alarm system, Fire alarm system ), Fuel cell system

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Product Description

Lutron PO2-250 pen Type Oxygen Detector Meter looks like a pen, it is very easy to use, easy to carry and measures the oxygen with accuracy.


• Galvanic cell type for O2 sensor.

• High reliability Oxygen sensor, not be affected by acidic gases like CO2.

• Oxygen sensor with temperature compensated.

• Data hold, to freeze the desired reading value.

• Auto power off saves battery life.

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