Lutron Dissolved Oxygen Meter Model PDO-519


Lutron PDO-519 Dissolved Oxygen Meter comes with a polarographic type probe with an incorporated Temp. sensor which serves for precise Dissolved Oxygen(DO),Oxygen in air(O2), Temp. measurement.

Applications: for Aquarium,Medical research, Agriculture, Fish hatcheries, Laboratory, Water conditioning, Mining industry, Schools & Colleges,Quality control

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Product Description

Lutron DO Meter polarographic type oxygen probe comes with an incorporated Temp. sensor, high precision measurement for Dissolved Oxygen(DO), Oxygen in air(O2) & Temp. measurement.


1.Heavy duty dissolved oxygen probe, probe head size can connect with BOD bottle.

2.All in one Pen type Dissolved Oxygen Meter, easy operation

3.Automatic Temp. compensation from 0 to 50 for sensor.

4.Microprocessor circuit assures high accuracy and provides special functions and features.

5.Build in temperature , measurement.

6.LCD with two display, easy readout.

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