Kusam-Meco KM 2240 Digital Stroboscope

Product Id : 268380


Kusam-Meco KM 2240 Digital Stroboscope is a rotational velocity measurement tool that makes use of vision persistence. When the light source synchronizes with the object’s rotational velocity a fairly static phenomenon called visual persistence can occur.

Applications: Industrial, Mining, Shipbuilding, aircraft construction, cardboard manufacturing, Automotive, and motor manufacturing.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Kusam-Meco KM 2240 Digital Stroboscope is a tool for measuring the flash-frequency velocity. This is a rotational speed measurement tool that makes use of vision persistence. In detecting an object that rotates or travels at a high speed, change the device’s flickering frequency to synchronize with it. When the measured object moves at a high velocity, it tends to move gradually or indefinitely. By using this process, the speed of rotation of different spinning objects can be determined. This is commonly used to identify defects of high-speed spinning items such as various rotor types, meshing gears, vibration diagnostic equipment.

Features of  Kusam-Meco Digital Stroboscope :

  • Measuring Tach And Vibratility By Non-contact
  • Large LCD Display With Backlight
  • Digital Control to adjust Flash Frequency
  • Low Power Consumption

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Kusam-Meco
Model No KM 2240
Measuring Parameters RPM
Range 60 to 40,000 RPM / FPM
Accuracy ± 0.05%
Resolution >1000 RPM : 1 RPM / FPM; <1000 RPM : 0.1 RPM / FPM
Display 5 Digits 40,000 Counts backlight dislpay
Fine Tuning ± 0.1 RPM / FPM
(≥1000 RPM) Coarse Tuning ± 100 RPM / FPM
FineTuning ±1 RPM / FPM
Dimensions 195 X 73 X 38 mm
Weight 200 Grams


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