HTC Easy Log Temperature and Humidity Data Logger


HTC Easylog Temperature Humidity data logger is an USB electronic device that records temperature and humidity readings over time or in relation to location either with a in-built sensor or through external sensors.

Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Reefer trucks, Transportation trucks, Cold chain trucks, Produce, Prepared Foods, Chemicals, Storage Units, Blood banks, vaccine freezers, Refrigerators etc

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Product Description

HTC Easy Log Temperature Humidity Data Logger is a simple recorder with battery life more than 3 years.It also includes features like alarm, software, Min, Max etc.

Features :

  • Memory for 32,700 readings
  • LCD to show logging information easily
  • Free selectable measurement cycle from 1 sec to 24 hrs.
  • Battery life : more than 3 years (Under Ideal condition at 22 Deg.C)
  • Display all status for Alarm and Record through 2 LED’s.
  • Alarm display if user-defined max/min values are exceeded
  • Analysis software used to view graphically or Text mode for logging data.

Additional Information

Weight 0.400 kg
Model No
Measuring Parameters Relative Humidity, Temperature
Temperature Range
Resolution For Temperature
Accuracy For Temperature
Humidity Range
Resolution For Humidity
Accuracy For Humidity
Response Time
Measuring Rate
Power Supply

DS_HTC Easylog Temperature Humidity Data Logger_Ver1.0


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