Hospital Temperature and Humidity Alert Monitoring System


Hospital Temperature and Humidity Alert Monitoring System is used to monitor vital parameters temperature and humidity, alert the user through alarm, SMS, and emails when the setpoints are violated. The device used to monitor has a provision of external sensors to place inside the room while the indicator can be mounted outside the room to monitor the readings on the go.
Other applications: IT Server Rooms, Data Center, Cold stockpiles, Cold chains, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-restorative, Logistics, Warehouses, Airports, Hospitals, Machinery Rooms, Ship-Building, etc.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Hospital Temperature and Humidity Alert Monitoring System used for monitoring ambient temperature and humidity in hospital wards, Operation theatres, and Intensive care units for patient well-being. The Hospital temperature and humidity alert monitoring system can also be used to monitor freezers, dry storage areas to ensure medicines are stored at optimal conditions to avoid deterioration and increase the effectiveness of treatments. Our monitoring solutions are designed for accuracy, reliability, and compliance with regulatory regimes in most locations.  With sensors for temperature, humidity, monitoring healthcare facilities is simple. It features 24/7 remote alarming via SMS, e-mail, and an easy web interface for users to view/download/analyze real-time data of temperature and humidity with the date and time stamp, graphical and tabular representation. The customization of external wiring/buzzer and user-based parameters is also feasible at our factory. Factory calibration with international standards also ensures the right accuracy and efficiency of the device.

Features Of Temperature and Humidity Alert Monitoring System:

  • SMS Alert: Periodic SMS: SMS at regular time intervals programmable by the user.
    Alert SMS: SMS on Temperature exceeding set limits (Low & Hi).
    On-Demand SMS: SMS on request from registered mobile numbers.
    Note: Provision for registering up to 5 mobile numbers (Standard), Contact store for any other customization.
  • Email Alert: Email Alert Notification when the parameter value is out of the pre-setting threshold.
    Provision for registering multiple Email IDs(Standard 10 Email Ids can be configured)multiple Email IDs(10 Email Ids can be configured).
  • Cloud Function: Web-Based software-independent Interface (Mobile/PC/Tab) to view real-time data transmitted through the device.
    Dashboard to monitor real-time data with downloading, reporting in Excel/PDF Format, Custom Report designing as per user requirement also available.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Measuring Parameters Temperature and Relative Humidity
Relative Humidity
Accuracy_2 +/- 2%RH
Operating Temperature
Cable Length
GSM Bandwidth
Additional Cable Length
Alarm Type
Alarm Limit
Acknowledgement Key
Power Supply
Sensor Type 1.Polymer sensing for Temperature 2.Capacity polymer sensing for Relative humidity 3.Option of Wired External Probe or Integrated Probe fixed to Body


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