GSM Based Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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GSM Based Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures and displays the temperature, humidity & CO2 levels which are assisted by the best NDIR sensor and provide the most accurate readings in Industrial conditions.

Applications: IT Facilities & Buildings, Work Space Management, Warehouse, Hospitals, Food Industry, R&D Lab, Shopping Malls, Schools & Colleges.

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Country : United States

Product Description

GSM Based Indoor Air Quality Monitor is enabled with a smart cloud option, you can push the recorded data directly to a web server and generate vital reports of historic data captured. Other options include data download through USB and password-protected Admin screen to view Device IMEI, Recorded data. It allows adjustment of Time & Date according to time zone. IP65 enclosure makes this GSM-based Monitor ready for tough Industrial environments.

Features Of Indoor Air Quality Monitor:

  • High performance fast & responsive NDIR sensor
  • GSM Enabled – Supports any network SIM
  • USB Data Download – Insert USB flash drive directly to device & download data (No software required)
  • Cloud option to record, view, and download data from Dashboard
  • RFID option helps record locations along with CO2, Temperature & RH readings (useful for multiple ODCs/Floors/Zones)
  • Password protected Admin screen to view & edit Device’s basic parameters
  • Bright LCD Backlight for better visibility
  • Battery backup of more than 16 hours in single charge
  • IP65 Enclosure – Ideal for monitoring the device outside

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Select Model , ,
Measuring Parameters Carbon Dioxide, Relative Humidity, Temperature
Accuracy_2 +/- 2%RH
Carbon Dioxide 0 to 5000 ppm
Accuracy_3 ±3% FS
Record Capacity
Operation Soft Touch Keypad for easy User operation. REC & SEND Button
Operating Temperature
Standard Accessories Antenna, Charger, RFIDs, Calibration Certificate, Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories


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