GE Telaire T5100 Wall Mount CO2 Transmitter

GE Telaire T5100 Wall Mount CO2 Transmitter is a low cost, high performing CO2 transmitter for the building controls market  It works flawlessly with building mechanization frameworks and enables you to just and successfully control natural air. Request controlled ventilation utilizing CO2 sensors keeps vitality misfortunes from over-ventilation while keeping up indoor air quality.

Application: HVAC, Greenhouse, Landfill gas, Confined space, Marine vessels, Ventilation, Management, Mining, basement and gas stores, Buildings, Bus, Railway holding up lobbies, Schools, Library, Trains, Hospitals, Office, Subway

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Product Description

Features of GE Telaire T5100 Wall Mount CO2 Transmitter:

  • Licensed, Absorption Infrared Gas detecting motor gives high precision in a minimized ease bundle.
  • Mounting plate with two-piece terminal squares give speedy, simple wiring.
  • Gas penetrable, water safe CO2 dispersion channel avoids particulate and water sullying of the sensor. 4. Locking screw anchors cover and sensor to the mounting section for alter obstruction. 5. Current walled in area 6. Solid (20 years of ease infrared sensor fabricating)

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
CO2 Measurement Range 0 to 2000 ppm
CO2 Warm-Up Time <2 minutes (operational) 10 minutes (maximum accuracy)
Analog (CO2) • 0 to 5 V, or 0 to 10 V jumper selectable (100 Ω output impedance) • Or 4 to 20 mA (RL maximum 500 Ω) • Voltage and current outputs are not available simultaneously • Digital to analog error ±1%
Signal Update
Temperature Dependance
Pressure dependency
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating Humidity
Sensing Method
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Flammability Classification

DS_GE Telaire T5100 Wall Mount CO2 Transmitter_Ver1.0


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