GE Telaire Duct Mount CO2 Transmitter


GE Telaire T8031 Duct Mount CO2 Transmitter is the littlest bundle accessible intended to be introduced in HVAC return air channels. The span of the board and the measurements of the case have been advanced and minimized to be little enough to put the transmitter in little return air pipes, yet still work too, if worse then comparative items. The Ventostat T8031 item offers a smooth outline, a straightforward simple yield, and it is anything but difficult to introduce. The transmitter incorporates mounting equipment and establishment directions.

Applications: T8031 CO2 transmitters can be utilized in an expansive scope of uses incorporating air quality observing in buildings.CO2concentration levels in structures are checked to give a sign of inhabitance and to drive a ventilation control technique. A compelling DCV (Demand Controlled Ventilation) technique will ration vitality and keep up indoor air quality.

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Product Description

GE Telaire T8041 depends on the assimilation of light in a gold-plated intelligent light pipe or waveguide dissemination gas chamber. A gas penetrable PTFE channel averts particulate and water defilement of the sensor. Light is caught up in extent to the CO2concentration and the staying light is estimated and changed over into a simple flag.


• One of the littlest in-pipe CO2 transmitters available

• Simple establishment (mounting equipment and directions included)3

• Ideally suited for OEM producers that must oblige littler <6 inches(15.2 cm) HVAC return air channels.

• Offers standard 0-10 volt yield

• Patented assimilation infrared/gas detecting motor gives high precision in a conservative, ease bundle

• Patented ABC Logic™ self-adjustment framework wipes out the requirement for manual alignment in many applications

• Gas penetrable, water-safe dissemination channel anticipates particulate and water pollution of the sensor.

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