Negative GE Druck Dry Block Calibrator


Dry blocks temperature calibrators that work by warming, and in many cases cooling, a metal block to a particular temperature and maintaining that temperature. Accurate temperature estimation is essential for maintaining product quality, process efficiency, regulatory compliance and operational safety in industrial processes.

Applications: Calibration labs, Pharmaceutical divisions, Thermal plants

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Temperature is the most commonly estimated parameter in business and industrial settings. Industries are as assorted as food processing, pharmaceuticals, cold stockpiling, paper manufacturing, and others absolutely depend on process temperatures being within a specific range. To maintain accuracy, calibrating temperature monitoring equipment is essential. The GE Dry Block Temperature Calibrators give solutions for testing temperature devices over a range of temperatures from -35°C to 650°C (-30°F to 1200°F) with a choice of dry block configurations to accommodate virtually any sort, shape and size of the sensor.

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