Fluke 922 Airflow Meter Micromanometer


Fluke 922 Airflow Meter Micromanometer makes airflow estimations easy by combining pressure, airflow, and velocity into a single, rugged meter. Perfect with most pitot tubes. Fluke airflow meter and micro manometers allow technicians to conveniently enter their duct shape and dimensions for maximum measurement accuracy.

Applications: Mining, Nuclear reactors, Automobiles to ensure that the proper amount of air enters the internal combustion engine.

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Country : India

Product Description

Fluke 922 Airflow Meter Micromanometer is a great meter that gives differential and static weight, airspeed, and stream readings. The tough outline is worked for the field making the meter simple to use without giving up execution.

Uses of Fluke Airflow Meter:

  • Measure pressure drops across key HVAC equipment to drive peak performance and extend equipment life
  • Match ventilation to occupant loads
  • Monitor indoor vs. outdoor pressure relationships and manage the building envelope
  • Promote indoor comfort and quality
  • Perform duct traversals for accurate airflow readings

Technical Specification:





Air Pressure

± 4000 Pascals
± 16 in H2O
± 400 mm H2O
± 40 mbar
± 0.6 PSI

1 Pascal
0.001 in H2O
0.1 mm H2O
0.01 mbar
0.0001 PSI

± 1 % + 1 Pascal
± 1 % + 0.01 in H2O
± 1 % + 0.1 mm H2O
± 1 % + 0.01 mbar
± 1 % + 0.0001 PSI

Air Velocity

250 to 16,000 fpm 1 to 80 m/s

1 fpm
0.001 m/s

± 2.5 % of reading at 2000 fpm (10.00 m/s)

Air Flow (Volume)

0 to 99,999 cfm
0 to 99,999 m3/hr
0 to 99,999 l/s

1 cfm
1 m3/hr
1 l/s

Accuracy is a function of velocity and duct size


0°C to 50°C
32°F to 122°F


± 1 % + 2°C
± 1 % + 4°F

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Model Fluke 922 Airflow Meter, Fluke 922 Airflow Meter with Kit
Measuring Parameters Air Flow, Air Flow Velocity, Air Pressure, Temperature
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Operating Altitude
Storage Temperature
Storage Altitude
Vibration Resistance
Max Pressure at Each Port 10 PSI
IP Rating
Auto Power Off
Data Storage
Power Supply
Battery Life ,


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