Fluke 59 Max Infrared Thermometer


The Fluke 59 MAX Infrared Thermometer delivers an exactness thermometer that delivers precise responsive measurements and fits inside your financial plan. It includes an 8:1 distance to spot proportion and exact single laser focusing for precise and repeatable estimations. Utilize the Fluke 59 MAX to perform non-contact temperature measurements on transformers, engines, pumps, boards, breakers, blowers, channel, and vents. It is amazingly simple to utilize and sufficiently minimized to fit in your grasp and your device sack. Intended to withstand a one meter drop, you can rely on the 59 MAX infrared thermometer to work when you require it.


•        Easy to handle infrared thermometer with precise single laser targeting and 8:1 distance to spot ratio.

•        Measures temperatures from -30°C to 350°C (-22°F to 662°F).

•        Provides IP40 rating for extra protection.

•        Presents a large, backlit LCD display for easy viewing.

•        Features a small and lightweight design that fits easily fits into your tool box.

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Product Description

This reduced and portable design empowers experts to effortlessly convey, hold and work the meter under industrial environment.

Features of 59 MAX Infrared Thermometer:

*  Small in size effectively fit in your pocket.

*  Laser focusing for quick, exact estimations.

*  Illuminated presentation for simple perusing in dim work territories.

*  8:1 separation to spot proportions estimates a 10 cm spot from 10 meters to target exactly what you need.

*  ± 2% essential precision gives you readings you can trust.


59 Max

Temperature Range

-30 ° C to 350 ° C (-22 °F to 662 °F)

Accuracy (Calibration geometry with ambient temperature 23 ° C +/- 2 ° C

≥0 ° C                                            ±2.0 ° C or ±2.0 % of reading, whenever  

                                                       is greater

≥ -10  ° C to < 0 ° C                       ±2.0 ° C  

<-10   ° C                                        ± 3.0 ° C     

 ≥ 32  °F                                          ± 4.0 °F or ±2.0 % of reading,                       

                                                        whenever is greater

≥14 °F to <32 °F                             ± 4.0 °F

(≥14 °F                                            ± 60 °F

Response Time

< 500ms (95 % of reading)

Spectral Response

8 µm to 14 µm


0.10 to 1.00

Distance to spot ratio

8:1(Calculated at 90% energy)

Display Resolution

0.1 ° C (0.2 °F)


±1.0% of reading or ±1.0 ° C  

(±2.0 ° F),Whenever is greater

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