Extech CO50 Carbon Monoxide Meter


Extech CO50 Carbon Monoxide Meter is a desktop CO Monitor which estimates and displays carbon monoxide concentration, air temperature, and humidity same time. The CO50 features visibly bright LED lights which show active monitoring (green) or a surpassed CO alarm threshold (red).

Applications: Chemical industry, Meat coloring, Medicine, Metallurgy, Laser, mining

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Product Description

Extech CO50 Carbon Monoxide Meter also features an additional loud audible beeper alarm, electrochemical CO sensor, record/recall Max reading for CO concentration and CO calibration function in fresh air.


At the same time displays Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentration, Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity readings with date (Year, Month, Day) and time

Visibly bright LED demonstrates active monitoring (green) or surpassed CO alarm threshold (red)

Additional loud audible beeper alarm level meets UL 2013 Standard (>85dB @ 3 meters); default alarm threshold at 30ppm (user adjustable)

Designed with Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensor

Record/Recall Max reading for CO concentration

CO calibration function in9(Nine) readings with recall function

Complete with Universal AC adapter (100V-240V) and multiple plug types (US, EU, UK, AUS)

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