Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge


Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge tests system leak and discerns vacuum pump quality evacuation of an HVAC and refrigeration system.

Applications: HVAC, Refrigeration,etc.

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Country : United Kingdom

Product Description

Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge is the refrigeration tool for leak detection. This Digital vacuum gauge evacuates the air and moisture in the system. It produces an acidic chemical reaction that causes damage to the system in the long term. Generally, a system vacuum should be below 700 microns, so that the moisture in the system can be effectively reduced. Ordinary refrigerants cannot meet this requirement.

Features Of Elitech Digital Vacuum Gauge:

  • View data on the mobile app, data analysis in graphs, record data, and generate data.
  • Multiple units: Easy conversion between 8 measurement units: inHg, Torr, psi, bar, mTorr, Pa, micron, Kpa.
  • Free App (ioS and Android): Settable high/low-pressure alarm, you can receive remote notifications when readings move beyond a predetermined value.
  • Long Transmission Distance Elitech Pressure Gauge App can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth technology, up to 1187′ in ideal conditions (no obstructions).
  • Rubberized water-resistant.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Measuring Parameters Vacuum
Accuracy ±10%
Resolution , , ,
Operating Temperature
Wireless transmission distance 30m
IP Rating
Offline records
Maximum Over Pressure
Time base
Unit Selection
Connection Type
Power Supply


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